Applied Exercise Science Webinars & Dissertations

Concordia University Chicago offers free webinars to enhance our students knowledge and demonstrate to prospective students the topics and information provided through our programs.

Additionally, very few people earn a doctorate degree. In fact, the 2011 U.S. Census data indicates that less than 2% of Americans have an earned doctorate. Worldwide data is harder to verify but, in some estimates, less than .7% of the world’s population has earned a doctorate degree.

Concordia University-Chicago invites you to virtually attend these presentations for your continued education or to  support the Doctoral candidates as they present their dissertations.

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Upcoming Presentations


The Effects of Varying Rest Intervals on Jump Height and Peak Power

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An Exploratory Analysis of Firefighters’ Nutrient Intake Related to Obesity, Musculoskeletal Injury, Sleep, and Physical Fitness

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Past Presentations

How to Become Competent and Confident in Sports Nutrition

Functional ​​​​​​​Sports Nutrition 101

Trials and Tribulations of Meal Plans for Athletes