Sleep: The Ultimate Recovery Tool You Need

By Published On: February 8, 2024

In a recent webinar hosted by Concordia University Chicago faculty, Tavis Piattoly, MS, RD, LDN and CUC alumni, Tom Zheng, Ph.Dc, MS, Tom Zheng emphasized the significance of sleep in recovery and rejuvenation. We will explore the secrets of optimizing athletic performance with exclusive insights from Tom Zheng on how to enhance your performance, manage injuries and recover through comprehensive sleep strategies.

Sleep is a fundamental need for every human being on Earth. It is an essential process that helps our bodies recover and rejuvenate. According to Tom Zheng, sleep is one of the best, if not the top two best recovery tools you are ever going to find. In this article, we will delve deeper into the concept of sleep and why it is so important.

The Sleep Cycle

Sleep is a 90-minute cycle that consists of four stages. The first three stages refer to non-REM sleep, while the last stage is REM sleep. Non-REM sleep takes up most of the 90-minute cycle, while REM sleep takes up a little bit more each time. The reason for this is that the body wants to wake up during REM sleep. When you wake up in a non-REM cycle, you feel groggy and cranky, which is why it is essential to wake up during a REM cycle.

Benefits of Deep Sleep

Deep sleep is the most restorative sleep of all. It is during this stage that the body undergoes physical restoration, which helps to heal the damage done during training or other physical activities. Deep sleep is particularly important for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who need to recover quickly and efficiently.

The Importance of Sleep

Apart from physical restoration, sleep also plays a vital role in mental and emotional well-being. Lack of sleep can lead to a host of problems, including anxiety, depression and mood swings. It can also affect your memory, attention span, and decision-making abilities.

Sleep is an essential process that is critical to our overall well-being. It is a fundamental need that should not be ignored or taken for granted. By understanding the sleep cycle and the benefits of deep sleep, we can optimize our sleep patterns to ensure that we wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated every day. So, go ahead, prioritize your sleep, and watch how it transforms your life for the better.

If learning more about recovery tools interests you, then head over to watch the full webinar that dives into optimizing athletic performance from the NFL Insiders.  We hope you found this article and online seminar informative and helpful. If you are interested in learning more about the programs and services we offer at CUC, please visit our website. We have a wide range of programs that can help you achieve your goals, whether you’re looking to further your education or boost your career.

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