Higher Education, Rooted in Gospel Principles

At Concordia University Chicago, we stand as a testament to the embodiment of Gospel values within the realm of higher education. Here, the Gospel is not merely a concept; it is a living force that shapes our students and influences their academic journeys. We foster an environment where students are encouraged to grapple with profound questions and discover their life callings. Our primary mission is to help students unearth their innate talents and gifts, and guide them in effectively channeling these abilities to serve humanity and make a positive impact in the world.

A Focus on Service and Faith

Being a private, liberal-arts-based university, we’ve meticulously cultivated a vibrant and dynamic academic community that serves as a nurturing ground for students to realize their full potential. Central to our educational philosophy is the cultivation of Christian values, with Jesus Christ at the core of their existence. It is within this framework that our students seek to find a deeper sense of purpose within their chosen vocations. They embark on a journey to serve the greater good and nurture the growth of their faith.

A Rich Historical Legacy

Our journey began in 1864 when we were established as Addison Lutheran Teachers Seminary. Today, Concordia University Chicago has evolved into a comprehensive educational institution with over 6,000 full-time students pursuing baccalaureate, master’s, and doctoral programs. Affiliated with the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS), we are part of the Concordia University System, a collective of eight colleges and universities dedicated to providing a holistic education.

Our Pledge

Our unwavering commitment to our Lutheran heritage, dedication to nurturing vocations, and provision of a transformative education, alongside a diverse range of high-quality academic programs, underscore our significance. Situated in close proximity to the vibrant city of Chicago, we extend a warm invitation to students from across the globe, fostering an environment where individuals can grow, learn, and discover their unique paths towards making a difference in the world.

Deadline to Apply

June 26, 2024

Start Date

July 1, 2024