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Prepare for the Certified Sports Nutritionist (CISSN) exam and grow your career with a Graduate Certificate in Sports Nutrition from Concordia-Chicago. Apply today.

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Sports Nutrition Certificate Program Details

Our 100% online MS in Applied Exercise Science, Sports Nutrition concentration is designed for working adults, with asynchronous classes so you can learn anytime, anywhere. We keep class sizes small, so you can connect with your classmates and professors. Dual concentrations are also available.

Why Pursue A Sports Nutrition Degree?

The Sports Nutrition concentration is designed for individuals who aspire to provide sound sports nutrition information to athletes and physically active individuals. The program focuses on using evidence-based principles in designing and implementing exercise and nutrition programs and interpreting research in the field of exercise and sport nutrition. This strand prepares individuals for the Certified Sports Nutritionist (CISSN) exam from the International Society of Sports Nutrition. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the job outlook for dietitians and nutritionists will be rosy, increasing by 20%. Additionally, those who take the exam can open doors in personal training and the food, beverage and supplement industry.

Learn more about studying sports nutrition online in our Q& A with Professor Anna Turner. You can also read our article, Is Sports Nutrition the Right Path for You.

Institutional Accreditation

Concordia University Chicago is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission to award baccalaureate, master’s and doctoral degrees.

Industry Certification

This program prepares individuals for the Certified Sports Nutritionist (CISSN) exam from the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

Sports Nutrition Certificate Career Outlook

Graduates in our graduate degree in exercise science go on to serve in a variety of capacities in fitness, wellness, sports management and leadership careers. Many of our students pursue careers such as:

  • Sports Nutritionist
  • Performance Nutrition
  • Virtual Health Coach
  • Wellness Coach


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Admission Requirements


Explores the relationships between nutrition, energy metabolism, and exercise and sport performance, with an in-depth analysis of dietary and nutritional supplementation. Prerequisite: B or higher in AES-6050, and AES-6200 or AES-6250.

Examination of the role and function of vitamins and minerals from physiological and clinical perspectives. Prerequisite: B or higher in AES-6300.

Examines nutrition and exercise strategies for weight management with an emphasis on metabolic, physiological and psychological factors. Prerequisite: B or higher in AES-6320.

This course examines the planning and implementation of a sports nutrition program. Students are required to complete a nutrition assessment and planning case study on a member of their community. Prerequisite: B or higher in AES-6340.

In-depth study of selected advanced topics in sports nutrition. Prerequisite: B or higher in AES-6340.

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Start Date

January 8, 2024

Deadline to Apply

January 3, 2024

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