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In early April 2020, athletic trainers and coaches — some of whom completed their master’s and doctoral degrees through us at Concordia University Chicago — came together to offer free webinars and raise money to help fight COVID-19. We helped sponsor the event.

The result was four days of insight and advice from pros at the New York Knicks, San Francisco Giants, Cleveland Indians, Orlando Magic, St. Louis Blues, the Brooklyn Nets, Vanderbilt U., University of South Carolina, Stanford, LSU, University of California, University of Michigan, and many more.

You can check them out here:

If they inspire you, #MakeNowMatter and go back to school.

Classes start May 4. Our programs are 100% online.

Apply now.

Federal student financial aid is available to those who qualify. For many, it covers the entire cost of the program of study.

Have questions? We’re available by live chat, Facebook Messenger, and by phone (708-888-2031).

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