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By Published On: May 1, 2019

As a former college athlete, Eugene Richardson has remained active throughout his nineteen-year career as a history teacher in southern Florida.  During this time, Mr. Richardson studied various fitness theories, techniques and practices to become a certified personal trainer.

He chose Concordia University-Chicago “to become more competitive as a personal trainer and to gain the appropriate strength and conditioning certification to be competitive” as he grows his clientele and second career.

After looking into approximately seven different programs, Mr. Richardson felt that Concordia University – Chicago was the best fit.  According to him, “Concordia University – Chicago’s online Applied Exercise Science Master’s Degree program was the only one that focused on application instead of just theory” and was “the only program that would prepare [him] for the strength and conditioning certification exam.”

Mr. Richardson has enjoyed his instructors’ insistence for students to build an online presence through developing a LinkedIn profile as well as producing training videos and demonstrations.

For prospective students, he advises to “dig into scholarly articles, read the text, look at videos and take the initiative to learn independently.  The more you put into it, the more you – and your classmates – will benefit.”


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