Online Registration Guide

Simply follow this guide to register for your next course.
To begin, click Class Schedules | Concordia University Chicago

1. Log in to Concordia Connect using your username and password.

2. Click on the Academics tab.

3. Click on Registration Step 1, follow the prompts, submit, and click continue.
The Registration channel portlet is located in the right column.

4. Click on Registration Step 2.

5. Read and Accept the Pre-Registration Questions.
You may or may not see these. If you do not, skip to Step 6.

6. Choose the Appropriate Semester.

7. The Add/ Drop classes worksheet will appear.
Put one 4-digit CRN in each box at the bottom of the screen.

8. Once you have submitted your CRNs, you will get a registration confirmation on the screen.

online registration sample image

As long as the classes show up as “Web Registered” you are done!