Health and Human Performance Through the Lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Author Tsz Chiu (Andy) Chan, MS, CSCS, will be hosting a free webinar, “Health and Human Performance through the Lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine,” on August 11, 2022 at 6:30pm CT. This webinar is great way to learn how to integrate aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine into your strength and conditioning methods.

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About the Webinar

Andy Chan

This webinar will cover an overview of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the interconnectedness of diet, emotions, and training, and how to incorporate TCM into daily routines.

Andy Chan will discuss his recently published book, “Dynamic Balance: Integrating Principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine into Strength and Conditioning,” which aims to demystify traditional Chinese medicine.

Chan is a graduate of Concordia University Chicago’s Master of Science in Applied Exercise Science program. He developed his book as a final project within the Human Movement Science concentration.

In writing the book, Chan enlisted the help of co-author Yat Kwan (Stella) Wong, who has her PhD in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) from the University of Hong Kong.

In exploring research papers and materials, Chan discovered two perspectives.

book cover for - dynamic balance by Tsz Chiu Chan, MS and Yat Kwan Wong, PhD“One was the exercise science perspective from the West, that focused on the soft tissue or the fascia that wraps around the muscles. Yet if you look at the Chinese perspective, this is where things get a bit mystical,” Chan said. “Chinese medicine practitioners in the US usually use language that people wouldn’t understand, and I think that put a seed in me. Because moving forward, if I could produce something that would unpack and demystify traditional Chinese medicine language, I think it would help out the fitness community in understanding the original mindset or thought behind using these methods, so people can utilize these modalities.”

Learn more about Andy Chan, and his book, “Dynamic Balance: Integrating Principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine into Strength and Conditioning.”

Meet Andy and hear directly from him about the intersection between Western views of human performance and Traditional Chinese Medicine by attending his webinar this August.