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Bachelor’s in kinesiology paves the way for recent program graduate

kinesiology graduate

James Crager BS, Kinesiology

James Crager is an avid mountain biker and workout enthusiast. He’s also the proud recipient of a brand-new bachelor of science degree in kinesiology, earned through Concordia-Chicago’s highly ranked accelerated degree program (ADP).

Crager chose kinesiology because it’s an excellent pathway to realizing his ambition of building a career as a physician assistant. With a bachelor’s degree in hand, Crager plans to apply to physician assistant programs this fall.

Crager was successful as an ADP student because its flexibility conformed to his busy life. He’s a husband, a father of two, and has a full-time job on the heart team in an operating room.

“Without Concordia-Chicago’s accelerated degree program,” Crager explains, “I wouldn’t have been able to attend class as a fulltime student. That said, I really enjoyed the process and loved that the classes were either 5 or 8 weeks long.” Crager is quick to recommend kinesiology and ADP to those seeking to integrate degree completion with the demands of family and work. He says, “I would recommend the Concordia-Chicago path, as you are given the opportunity to engage with others through evidence-based practice in a setting that allows you to go to class at home and on your own time.”

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