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By Published On: January 10, 2020

Second-generation Pilates Master Teacher Cecilia Pulido has been in the natural health and fitness industry since the early 1990s. A California farmer’s daughter, she learned the value of endurance, strength, and power by helping harvest the family’s apricot and walnut orchards as well as doing general chores on the farm.
As a student at UCLA, Cecilia discovered the Los Angeles fitness scene and Pilates. Concurrently, she began to study PaKua, an ancient Chinese knowledge ( She holds third-degree black belts in PaKua Chinese Martial Arts, Sintonia Chinese Yoga, Tai Chi, and Ritmo – Martial Arts Dance. In addition, she gained certifications as a Kettlebell Master Trainer and as a TRX educator. Over time, she began fusing PaKua with her fitness and Pilates knowledge in all her classes.

After being out of school for 30 years, Cecilia Pulido decided it was time to pursue her dream and continue her education in Applied Exercise Science. As a single mother, she put her advanced education on hold while continuing her career as a Pilates and fitness instructor. As you can imagine, Cecelia joined our program with a strong base and understanding of exercise science and kinesiology, but the program has really allowed her to dive deeper into science-backed knowledge and research.

Cecilia is using her experience and newfound knowledge to develop a standardized protocol for training students with Parkinson’s Disease throughout all five stages of the disease. Her intention is to aid these students, help them to sustain movement, and heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

When asked about the program, Cecilia states, “the professors mold students and teach practical applications which has made me into a better writer and researcher” and she hopes that her story inspires others “to go for it!”

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