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By Published On: January 26, 2022

Dr. Patricia Kaufman was working as a licensed nutritionist and undergraduate instructor in Illinois when she decided she wanted to pursue her Doctorate in Leadership, Health and Human Performance, at Concordia University Chicago.

“I wanted to get my PhD for two reasons,” she said. “One is to be able to do research, and then two is to be able to teach at the graduate level.” 

Earning her doctorate opened up new opportunities for her to pursue her passion in nutrition. 

“The main reason why I got into nutrition is because I’m an endurance athlete, and I needed to figure out my own nutrition. Originally when I started in nutrition, I mainly worked with athletes. Now I work with a multitude of people, some trying to overcome some health conditions and then also athletes,” she said. “I was driven, once I got more into nutrition, I realized how many people have some chronic conditions, and that through food and dietary changes and exercise, you can either prevent, or you can overcome and reverse some of your chronic conditions.”

With her doctorate, Dr. Kaufman is looking to complete evidence-based research around nutrition, and teach at the graduate level, ideally through an online format.

As far as advice to future students, Dr. Kaufman suggests talking to alumni.

“I think the program is well structured,” she said. “I would have them reach out to alumni, and ask them about specific course classes, so they get a better understanding, especially the electives of what might suit them the best.”


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