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By Published On: March 14, 2018

Earning a rewarding career in a high-demand field. Gaining a deeper knowledge of your industry. Starting your own business. These are just a few reasons students seek out Concordia University Chicago’s online programs, including the master’s in exercise science program and the PhD/EdD in leadership, health and human performance.


Some students have nutrition backgrounds and are eager to work more in the sports performance industry. Others are massage therapists who want to learn more and grow their practice. Then there are some students who are professional trainers and want to learn more about exercise science to develop new services and promote healthy living.


Concordia’s online programs tend to draw students who have an entrepreneurial spirit. They’re often working toward building their own business — or maybe they’re already running one. The master’s in exercise science program allows students to develop a deeper knowledge of exercise science while establishing an excellent professional network of professors and other students.


These students are also innovative, often seeking to solve problems through health and wellness. They’re problem solvers — many students are driven to find solutions to pressing issues by using different methods, such as reducing concussions through strength training or optimal nutrition.


Additionally, most Concordia students are juggling a lot. They’re working full time, building a business, raising a family, etc., but they’re driven; they’re passionate about exercise science and want to learn as much as they can to improve their role in the field. Through these programs, students learn the importance of balancing all the areas of their lives: mind, body, and spirit.


Case Study: Finding Success at Concordia


Skye H. is a fellow at the Athleticare Sports Health Foundation, which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing students in underserved high schools with increased access to certified athletic trainers. Skye works with high school sports teams to promote safe sports so that fewer students will experience injuries that can prematurely end their careers or affect the rest of their lives.


Although she is already an athletic trainer, Skye is also earning her master’s of science in applied exercise science from Concordia University Chicago because she felt that a graduate degree would help her stand out in her field and make her more marketable. Initially, she had some reservations about an online program in exercise science because she had taken an online class once in her undergrad years and struggled to stay on top of her tasks.


Now, however, she is finding that taking online classes allows her to balance work and school, and it’s helping her stay on track to graduate.


When Skye talks to other students who are considering studying exercise science online at Concordia, she encourages them to remember that success requires dedication — it’s important to set aside time to get homework done, study, and complete assignments or else you risk falling behind. Online programs offer a lot of flexibility, but in order to make them work, you have to create your own structure.


Skye looks forward to graduating and getting a job as an athletic trainer and high school teacher, and eventually, she hopes to earn her PhD in leadership, health and human performance.


Online programs provide more options for students who can’t attend on-campus classes, and they offer the same educational resources you’d receive with a traditional university experience. A graduate degree can help set you apart from the competition, and with online courses, you can earn your degree at your own pace and on your own schedule.


Interested in learning more about our master’s program? Check out our webinar hosted by Dr. Theresa Miyashita, that goes over everything you need to know about our Master’s in Applied Exercise Science. 

Concordia University Chicago has been educating students for over 150 years and when you enroll in our online programs you earn the same campus quality degree. Ready to advance your career in health and fitness with a degree in Exercise Science? Contact one of our Admissions Advisors to learn more or download our program guide now.[/[/[/

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