Program Resources

Concordia University-Chicago’s Applied Exercise Science program strives to provide students with a well-rounded education of kinesiology, human movement science, strength and conditioning and sports nutrition. These organizations provide incredible resources through videos, articles, workshops, and additional training.  These organizations include:

Applied Science & Performance Institute:

With backgrounds in clinical, academic and corporate settings the ASPI team provides cutting edge research and education with clinical, corporate and academic institutions.

Brookbush Institute:

The Brookbush Institute optimizes the delivery of human movement science education by integrating technology, student-centered learning, and evidence-based, practical education.

“…the Brookbush Institute (BI) was an amazing resource for me because of the images and videos that were provided along with detailed text. I am a very visual learner, and I assumed I would have to do the required reading and then find videos and images on my own to help me study.”

“…the BI website ( was a great addition to class. I will for sure be keeping my membership long after I finish school.”

“The area I believe I had the most growth during this class was in my knowledge of the sub-systems. How the fascia aids in the communication between the muscles was all new to me. The articles about the ISS, AOS, POS, and DLS from the Brookbush Institute were so in depth.”

“I am continuously utilizing the Brookbush material; in the previous semester, I downloaded the Brookbush Institute application and have not been able to take stop using this resource. Any chance that I have, I am working through one of the lessons/modules and trying to refine my understanding.”

The International Society of Sports Nutrition:

The International Society of Sports Nutrition is a non-profit academic society dedicated to promoting the science and application of evidence-based sports nutrition and supplementation.

National Academy of Sports Medicine:

The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) offers a variety of industry certifications that may give a competitive edge as they pursue their careers.

National Strength and Conditioning Association:

The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) is a nonprofit professional organization dedicated to advancing the strength and conditioning profession around the world  by supporting strength and conditioning professionals devoted to helping others discover and maximize their strengths.