Program Partners

Concordia University-Chicago’s Applied Exercise Science program partners with organizations to provide students with a well-rounded education of kinesiology, human movement science, strength and conditioning and sports nutrition. These organizations provide incredible resources through videos, articles, workshops, and additional training.  These organizations include:

Applied Science & Performance Institute:

With backgrounds in clinical, academic and corporate settings the ASPI team provides cutting edge research and education with clinical, corporate and academic institutions.

Brookbush Institute:

We have partnered with The Brookbush Institute to provide our students with state of the art online content that supplements textbooks and coursework.  The videos below are examples of the content available to our students through The Brookbush Institute.

The International Society of Sports Nutrition:

The International Society of Sports Nutrition is a non-profit academic society dedicated to promoting the science and application of evidence-based sports nutrition and supplementation.

National Academy of Sports Medicine:

We have partnered with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) to provide our students with certifications that will give them a competitive edge as they pursue their careers.