Jenna Corbin, MS


As a Registered Dietitian, Sports Dietitian, and Certified International Society of Sports Nutritionist, I have worked with many individuals and athletes from grade-school age to professional. When living in CA, I was the Team Sports Dietitian for UCLA Athletics; sports nutritionist for Athletes’ Performance (now EXOS); and clinical dietitian at St. Jude Medical Center. I currently travel (moving every 8-10 months) with my husband for his work, while working as a dietitian with My Sports Dietitian, providing individual consults and lectures on sport nutrition, and teaching as an adjunct faculty member here with Concordia University Chicago as well as Logan University.

I received my BS degree in Foods & Nutrition from Cal Poly Pomona and MS in Human Movement from A.T. Still University, with an emphasis in sports conditioning. Understanding the power of the synergy between nutrition, physical training, and lifestyle, I work with individuals to meet their unique, highly specific needs.

I believe strongly in an integrative and functional “whole person” approach to nutrition and lifestyle–I like to think ‘outside the box’ and would say I have an unconventional approach to nutrition. Additionally, I thoroughly enjoy education and seeing “light bulbs” go off as individuals grasp and apply new concepts.


MS in Human Movement: Sports Conditioning from A.T. Still University
BS in Foods & Nutririon: Dietetics from Cal Poly Pomona


AES 6300 – Exercise & Sport Nutrition
AES 6340 – Nutrition & Exercise in Weight Management

Research Interests

Research/Areas of Interest: Energy availability in athletes
Relative Energy Deficiency In Sport (RED-S)/Female Athlete Triad
Nutrient Timing, Nutrition Periodization
Integrative and Functional Nutrition

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