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Prepare for NASM’s Corrective Exercise Specialist certification with a Certificate in Human Movement Science at Concordia University Chicago (CUC).

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Application Deadline: August 21, 2024
Classes Start: August 26, 2024

Online Human Movement Science Graduate Certification

Earn a graduate certificate in Human Movement Science from Concordia University to pursue higher-paying career opportunities.

Human Movement Science Certificate Program Details

With injuries becoming increasingly more common, injury prevention is a critical part of working with any athletes. The Human Movement Science certificate program will give students the knowledge to develop injury prevention programs and teach students how to help athletes improve functional capacity and correct faulty movement patterns. This 12 credit hour certificate will prepare students to pursue the National Academy of Sports Medicine’s Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) credential.

The CUC Advantage

As a Christian-based institution, we are dedicated to preparing the next generation of leaders to live a life fulfilled by purpose and meaning. Because we aim to model Christlike behavior, our doors are open to all. So, bring your curiosity, your personality and your values. Be a living example of what it means to serve a cause greater than yourself by pursuing an education where ideas inspire you, the Gospel lives and forms you and God’s calling takes root. Show the world what it means to stand tall.

A Dedication to Integrity

Integrity forms the cornerstone of CUC’s principles. Our faculty, staff and students are committed to living genuinely, guided by their faith. Within our programs, students are encouraged to exhibit resilience and unwavering dedication to their academic endeavors.


At just $575 per credit hour, CUC’s Human Movement Science Graduate Certificate is competitively priced and provides a high return on investment. Click here for more information on Tuition and Fees.

Esteemed Faculty

Access the expertise of seasoned faculty members within the realm of exercise science. Be confident that you’ll be provided with premier private education by industry-leading professionals.

Institutional Accreditation

Concordia University Chicago is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission to award baccalaureate, master’s and doctoral degrees.

Industry Certification

This program prepares individuals for the National Academy of Sports Medicine’s Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) exam.

Human Movement Science Certificate Career Outlook

Graduates go on to serve in a variety of capacities in fitness, wellness, sports management and leadership careers. Many of our students pursue careers in exercise science fields such as these areas:

  • Integrated Health Specialist
  • Research Technician
  • Health Coach

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Admission Requirements


Examines a systematic approach for identifying neuromusculoskeletal dysfunctions and the National Academy of Sports Medicine’s Corrective Exercise Continuum. Designed to prepare students interested in becoming a Corrective Exercise Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Prerequisite: B or higher in AES-6020 or AES-6040, AES-6030 or AES-6045, and AES-6050, or division chair consent.

Explores program design principles for corrective exercise training, with an emphasis on the National Academy of Sports Medicine’s Corrective Exercise Continuum. Prerequisite: B or higher in AES-6500 or division chair consent.

Provides practical experience in planning and implementing a corrective exercise program through a case study with a member of their community. Prerequisite: B or higher in AES-6520 or division chair consent.

In-depth study of selected advanced topics in human movement science. Prerequisite: B or higher in AES-6520.

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Start Date

August 26, 2024

Deadline to Apply

August 21, 2024

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