Unsubsidized Stafford Loan

Graduate students in our Kinesiology and Exercise Science degree programs at the masters and graduate levels are eligible for low-interest Stafford Loans, which are unsubsidized. As of 2012-2013, graduate students are no longer eligible for unsubsidized loans. Under the terms of these loans, interest accrues at the time of the first disbursement of loan funds to Concordia University, though students may choose to defer payments per the terms of their loans (generally 6 months after the student graduates or ceases to be enrolled at least half time). Students may also choose to pay down the interest accrued while still in school.

Direct Graduate PLUS Loans

Graduate students are eligible for Direct Graduate PLUS loans, which are federal loans that can help pay education expenses after maximizing their annual unsubsidized loan eligibility. Students who utilize these loans must have a strong credit history or a credit-worthy cosigner. The annual loan amount is generally limited to the cost of tuition for one year.Students must not have an adverse credit history to be approved for this loan. Graduate students may defer repayment of these loans, but there is no deferral of payment, and repayment begins immediately upon graduation, or when the student ceases to be enrolled at least half time. Interest rates are generally slightly higher than those of Stafford Loans, but may vary.

Additional Loan Resources
  • Teacher Loan Forgiveness: The Department of Education has listed specific programs eligible for loan forgiveness after certain terms have been met.
  • Loan Forgiveness for Public Service Employees: You may be eligible for a loan cancellation after 120 payments if you are employed in a specific Public Service field.
  • Loan Cancellation: The Department of Education has strict guidelines for students with outstanding Federal loans interested in a loan cancellation. If you have a special circumstance, please review this website to determine if you would qualify.
  • Loan Consolidation: If you have borrowed multiple Federal loans while in school, you may consider loan consolidation. This link will provide you with detailed information to decide if it would be beneficial to consolidate your loans.
  • In-School Deferment of Prior Loans: You may be eligible to defer repayment on existing Federal Direct and/or Stafford loans while you are enrolled at least half time. For Perkins loan deferment, contact the issuing school or your Perkins loan servicer directly.