Theresa Miyashita, PhD


Theresa Miyashita, PhD, is a professor at Concordia-Chicago and an athletic trainer by trade. She completed her BS degree in Athletic Training from Canisius College in 2003 before heading to the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill to complete her masters in Exercise & Sport Science with a concentration in Athletic Training.

While in North Carolina, Dr. Miyashita served as the athletic trainer for the university’s women’s basketball and women’s rowing teams.

“I was always very passionate about injury evaluation, and seeing an injury from its onset to that athlete returning back to the field,” Dr. Miyashita says. “That’s the piece that I love, being able to be a part of that entire process from start to finish.”

After graduation, she moved to Denver, CO and became an athletic trainer at the Metropolitan State University of Denver, working with the men’s and women’s soccer, women’s basketball, and men’s baseball teams. Dr. Miyashita eventually became the Clinical Education Coordinator for the Athletic Training Education Program.

While teaching full-time, she began work on a doctoral degree from Colorado State University and began to work as a content expert for the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Dr. Miyashita’s areas of interest include injury prevention and rehabilitation, and her area of research focuses on sports related concussions.


PhD: Colorado State University, Education & Biomedical Sciences
MA: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Exercise & Sport Science concentration in Athletic Training
BS: Canisius College, Athletic Training


AES 6500 – Principals of Human Movement Science
AES 6520 – Program Design in Corrective Exercise
AES 6540 – Practicum: Human Movement Science
AES 6600 – Principles of Sports Performance Training
AES 6620 – Program Design in Strength and Conditioning
AES 6640 – Practicum: Strength and Conditioning

Research Interests

Cumulative effect of subconcussive impacts
Traumatic brain injuries


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