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Cost Per Credit Hour: $490
Technology Fee: $16 (per Credit hour)
Total Credits to Graduate: 128

Why Pursue a Bachelor’s in Sports and Recreation Management?

Sports and Recreation Management involves the administration, marketing and promotion, and making financial and human resource decisions in sport and fitness organizations. Occupations in this field include: collegiate and professional sport administrators including athletic directors, managers, and general managers, sports agents, recreation center directors, youth sport directors, as well as coaches, scouts, and strength and conditioning directors. The field of sports and recreation management encompasses implementation of skills that serve in event and facility coordination and management as well as managing resources for not-for-profit and for-profit organizations. Sports and recreation management professionals must have an understanding of basic sport law and ethics, finance, accounting, market and management in a sport-specific climate.

An undergraduate program in Sports and Recreation Management provides students with a fundamental understanding of basic business principles including: accounting, finance, marketing, and management as well as how to apply these fundamentals into the sport and recreation environment. At an undergraduate level, students will be equipped to play a pivotal role in setting the tone of an organization. Pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Sports and Recreation Management is a prudent career move for professionals seeking to develop their decision-making, leadership, verbal communication, and management skills to help advance overall organizational objectives. Adult professionals will expand career strategies in preparation for managerial opportunities in the sports and recreation management market and will realize a solid return on their tuition investment.

When you earn your BA in Sports & Recreation Management you are eligible for our BA to MA, Sports Leadership Program. This program makes it easier to go right from earning your bachelor’s to your master’s. Learn more by visiting our BA to MA, Sports Leadership page.

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Additional Program Information

The foundational courses in the program will educate students in all areas of the business curriculum and prepare them to enter the workplace as a strategic thinking sports and recreation management professional. Students will gain knowledge in aspects of sports and recreation management to include sports and recreation events and facilities management, sports marketing, legal and ethical issues, human resource management, and sport psychology. The degree requirements will allow students to understand organizational needs, market and promote their organization, develop a greater understanding and application of sports and recreation management principles, and establish a professional work atmosphere.

Benefits of the BA in Sports and Recreation Management

  • Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Sports and Recreation Management allows the sports and recreation professional to one day work in an administrative, management or leadership position.
  • A bachelor’s degree is a must if one wants to progress into a management position within sports and recreation.
  • Students will experience all areas in the field to become strategic thinkers while implementing the values of the organization.
  • Today’s sports and recreation management professionals must continue to learn and develop professionally, by keeping up to date with the changing landscape of sports and recreations and enhancing their skill set, leading to the need to complete a bachelor’s degree.
  • A bachelor’s degree can be a stepping stone to graduate school unlocking more promising job opportunities in sports and recreation.
  • 100% online
  • Asynchronous (you don’t have to log-on at a certain time)

Sports & Recreation Management Major 37 Credit Hours

Course Number Course Credits
SRMP 2000
Introduction to Sports & Recreation Management
Overview of the primary principles and practices, theories and concepts of sports and recreation administration and program development.
SRMP 2010
Legal & Ethical Issues in Sports & Recreation Management
Introduces critical concepts and challenges involving legal and ethical issues in sports and recreation industry. An exploration and examination of the various roles of regulation, compliance, government intervention, liability, contracts and antitrust issues and their ethical responsibilities and ramifications.
SRMP 2020
Social & Historical Foundations of Sports & Recreation Management
A topical study of the social and historical significance of sport and leisure in human history ranging from Greco-Roman history through the present; examination of the role and influence of sport in major social and cultural developments.
SRMP 2030
Managing Lifetime Fitness
A study of health-related fitness and wellness plans; the National Health Objectives; health and physical fitness standards; setting nutrition, dietary, and fitness goals; evaluating fitness activities, and fitness self-assessment.
SRMP 3010
Intro to Facilities and Event Management
Introductory consideration of facilities and events management issues such as event scheduling, finance and profitability, personnel and equipment oversight as well as liability and risk management concerns in sports and recreation settings.
SRMP 3100
Sports Marketing
The Sports and Recreation Marketing course includes brand marketing, pricing, sales, sponsorship marketing, promotions, and electronic media marketing in collegiate and professional sports and recreation environment.
KIN  4000
Exercise Psychology
Introduction to exercise psychology. Topics covered include: principles of exercise psychology, trans-theoretical model, goal setting strategies, strategies for increasing exercise adherence, and strategy implementation.
OMP 4431
Principles of Management
Dimensions of management, management process and skills, strategic planning, leadership styles and impact on subordinates, teamwork and work force diversity, communication of values, negotiations with employees and impact on productivity. Total Quality Management and Management by Objectives.
OMP 4440
Human Resource Management
Personnel function, development and organizational structure. Developing job descriptions, personnel planning and forecasting, internal and external recruitment, personnel selection and orientation, legal aspects of personnel. Employee benefits and costs, performance appraisal and discipline, labor relations, unions, and negotiation.
OMP 4601
Managerial Accounting
Financial tools for managers in decision-making: financial statements, bookkeeping process, financial statement analysis, statement of cash flow, internal cost concepts, present value concepts, and budgeting.
OMP 4605
Managerial Marketing
Basic marketing theory and terminology. Analyze real-world cases exploring domestic and international marketing opportunities and problems. Identify and evaluate critical marketing data.
SRMP 4800
Sports and Recreation Management Capstone
Students will complete either a sport or recreation management internship or prepare a dynamic professional portfolio which highlights the student’s knowledge, skills, and qualities relative to current industry needs.

Electives as needed to meet minimum 128 hours and 32 residency hours or students may
elect to add an approved minor.

Concordia-Chicago’s Sports and Recreation Management core faculty has extensive experience in the field of sports and recreation along with the requisite certifications/credentials. Faculty come from all subspecialties of sports and recreation including but not limited to collegiate and professional sports administration, sports agencies, recreation directors, personal training, strength and conditioning management, not-for-profit recreation agencies and more.

Kathleen Fritch, PhD, Program Leader Sean Madden, PhD
Sheila Simmons, MEd
Our tuition is reasonable and will not change while you are enrolled in our program.

Concordia University Chicago is committed to providing students with a high-quality education at a reasonable cost. And for graduates, the benefits of obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree can be very valuable. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, in 2017, the median of earnings for adults ages 25-34 working full-time, year-round, with a bachelor’s degree was $46,749.

BS Sports & Recreation Management COST
Tuition (Per Credit Hour) $490
Technology Fee (Per Credit Hour) $16

Find your place in a high-growth career field

Employment of sport and recreation management professionals is projected to grow 10% from 2018-2024 which is faster than the average for all professions. The continued need for sports and recreation is expected to lead to new openings. As the popularity of youth, high-school, collegiate, and professional sports continues to grow at an exponential rate worldwide, demand for professionals in a variety of capacities will continue to be in demand. Moreover, an increasing demand for recreational facilities for a large baby-boom population has significantly increased the need for more recreation facilities and personnel for a diverse population.

Looking for a challenging career with variety?

Explore the wide variety of challenging employment opportunities that relate to Sports and Recreation Management:

  • Athletic director
  • Collegiate and professional sport ticket manager
  • Collegiate and professional sport events manager
  • Collegiate and professional sport facilities manager
  • Collegiate and professional sport business manager
  • Professional sports general manager
  • Collegiate and professional sport coach
  • Professional sports agent
  • Collegiate and professional sport strength and conditioning director
  • Collegiate and professional sport strength and conditioning coach
  • Recreation director
  • Recreation counselor
  • Fitness club manager
  • Personal trainer
  • A completed application for admission to the Accelerated Degree Programs.
  • Submission of official transcripts from ALL colleges or universities attended. The most recent college transcript must indicate that the student was in good standing and earned at least a 2.0 cumulative grade-point average on a 4.0 scale (the Admission Committee reserves the right to evaluate applicants on an individual basis or request additional information when prior college transcripts do not reflect a 2.0 cumulative grade-point average).
  • If an applicant has completed fewer than 15 semester hours of credit, or has not completed one semester at full-time status, a final high school transcript with graduation date must be provided. An official high school transcript is also required if the college from which the credit was earned does not have regional accreditation. Applicants who have not completed high school must provide documentation of successful completion of the G.E.D.

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Sean Madden, PhD

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  • I love the curriculum and the ability to take one course at a time, along with the flexible payments that works with my salary. This degree will prepare me to work with other professors or medical doctors in the Exercise Science field to explore further research.

    Nicholas Mortensen PhD Health and Human Performance
  • I wanted to get a PhD to pursue a tenured-track position and perform research. The online courses have been highly engaging and have provided an outstanding learning experience preparing me to contribute as a scholar in my field of study.

    Jason Menoutis PhD Health and Human Performance
  • My favorite class was research methods and design. The instructor’s feedback was extremely helpful and what I learned in this class will be applicable throughout the rest of my career. I also enjoyed my sports nutrition course because it was challenging and put me out of my comfort zone.

    Cynthia Miranda MS Applied Exercise Science - Human Movement Science
  • The online format allows for me to continue expanding my business and professional goals while still pursuing a Master’s degree. I was initially worried as I had not previously had much experience with online coursework, but the format allows for structured, discussion based learning amongst peers.

    Ryan Richmond MS Applied Exercise Science - Sports Nutrition